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Devotional Thoughts from 1King 18:20 onwards.

posted on Fri, 23 Jan, 2015 | loading...

WHERE IS THE FIRE?!!!!! There's no need dancing around the sacrifice, adoring the sacrifice, singing to the sacrifice, re arranging the sacrifice, LET THE FIRE FALL.

STOP THE SINGING AND CRY FOR THE FIRE OF GOD UPON MOUNT CARMEL!!  Your singing will change no one if the fire is absent, the people might come, but they will meet a cold and frozen sacrifice, that has never been enveloped by the fire of GOD, and will fall into routines and activities to keep them busy in Church. We need God to lick up the sacrifice on our Altar, no more dancing around a cold and frozen altar, our worship must be characterised by the fire of GOD.

If we are still dancing around the sacrifice, then we are no better than the prophets of Baal, who cried all day and saw no manifestation. Is Jehovah dead? Is Jehovah still God? Is Jehovah still at work in today's world? Does Jehovah still hear the cry and worship of his people? Is Jehovah still God? Oh That You would rend the heavens and come down!!!

LET THE FIRE OF GOD CONSUME OUR SACRIFICE., WE are tired of cleaning the sacrifice, re arranging the stones of the altar, we are tired of coming up with different arrangements for the wood on the altar. We are tired of just making the sacrifice look pretty and nice. When will our sacrifice be consumed? WE WANT THE FIRE!!

I want your fire O God, consume my sacrifice O God, tired of pretty songs, pretty arrangements, nice lights, empty souls, empty hearts. If the fire of God descended, do you think you will remember the light and the stage, when the God of gods and The Light of light has taken centre stage. 

Do you think that after such an encounter with God the children of Israel were describing the stones, do you think they were describing how pretty the altar looked and Elijah's precise arrangements of the stones and the sacrifice, (actually, when the fire of God came, it consumed the sacrifice, the wood, the stones, the sand and water, everything on the altar disappeared) NO! I am sure no one remembered what was on the altar, they just knew that they had encountered the Living GOD, so there and then, they totally submitted their lives to HIM who sits upon the throne they fell prostrate and cried" The LORD- He is God!, The LORD- He is God!" (1King 18:39). This was the only befitting response- total abandonment to God, lose all your inhibitions and surrender.

This is the confession we want to hear, THE LORD HE IS GOD!! It is the declaration that God wants to hear.   Every event must end with this confession.


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